What are the subtle signs that he is still active online and talking to others

Whether you admit it or not, when you find out your dater is still talking to someone else, you're jealous. If you don't want him to date someone else, or if you find him already dating someone else, you can date more than one person at a time. Of course, if you want to make him realize that he's about to lose you, it's important to know what to "talk about." Here are some signs that elite men chat online with someone on millionaire dating sites that you shouldn't ignore.

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Take a look at these signs. If your date has any of the following signs, you may want to be on your guard.

1. He gets a lot of text messages and phone calls when you're dating him

Have you ever noticed that his cell phone keeps ringing every time you're together? Whether he slips his phone back in his pocket after checking who he is or takes the time to answer text messages while you're sitting across from him, you think he's not serious about your date.

First of all, when you're dating, he shouldn't be answering text messages and phone calls in front of you. Since this is your date, unless there's an important phone call or text message, we can't bother you, can we? It shows whether a man respects you or not. If he doesn't respect you and may text other women while he's with you, he's not worth your time.

Test him. The next time this happens, ask who he's texting. See if he fumbles to answer. If he did, he might be talking to someone else.

2. He Seems to Be Hiding Something

When you ask him what he did last night, he tells you that he went to bed early because he was tired of work. But you found him on snapchat at 3 a.m.Whatever the reason, he lied to you. You have every reason to ask him for a reasonable explanation. If his answer is perfunctory or even unwilling to say, then he is hiding something from you.

3. He exposed what he didn't do with you by accident

One day you go to a new restaurant with him. You like it, but you don't know what the food is like. At this time, he took the initiative to introduce to you which dishes are good, wine is good to drink. You're confused, so you ask him, how do you know, have you been here? He said, "did you forget that we came together the day the store opened?" You can be sure you didn't, so he must have brought other women.

4. You find him staring at other women

Suppose you're in a bar with your guy and you watch him stare at a girl's breasts. You called him out, but he denied it. But you're not stupid. Whether or not you talk about going it alone, it's equally rude to scrutinize other women. You may like other aspects of the person, but if they can't focus on themselves, it won't last.

5. He won't contact you on social media

This looks pretty simple. You're an avid social media user and you think it's perfectly normal that you want to make friends with this man on Facebook. But when you send him a friend request, he ignores it. When you ask why he makes up some excuse.

"I've never been there."

"Let's focus on real life."

Sure, women are more likely than men to use Facebook and other social media, and maybe he really doesn't like it, but he's probably hiding something...Like pictures of him and other women. You can't hack into his account, but just add this to the list of signals he's talking to.

6. He doesn't want you to meet his (or your) friends

An elite man who wants to keep a serious long-term relationship with you will want to meet and eat with your best friend after you've been dating for a few months. In the same way, he will introduce you to his friends and introduce you to them. Every time you ask to have dinner with his friends, he always makes excuses, "his friend is very busy recently", "something happened in his home recently", in short, he doesn't want to take you to meet his friends. He must be hiding something, or he just wants to play with you and doesn't want to have a serious relationship with you.

Come on. After dating you for a few weeks, this man can meet at least one of your friends. But you need to see the truth: he really doesn't want to get into this with you. He prefers to remain casual. If you don't agree, it's time to leave.

7. He doesn't talk about the future

Maybe he used to talk about what was going to happen between you, and now he doesn't. Suddenly, the relationship feels very limited and you don't know why. This may be because he's thinking about another woman (or two), but not with you, which is so unfair to you.

8. He Says He Wants to "Keep Things Casual"

Not all signs of him talking to others are subtle. He may tell you bluntly that he wants to "make things casual."

He says he wants to have sex with you, but not emotionally. It's rare for two people to feel the same way on a date, whether it's casual or not. In this case, you need someone you can trust. Who will you fall in love with? So he said he wanted to make things easy, he was preventing any possibility of the future. And he wants to make sure he gets hooked up with you and maybe someone else.

Take back your power, lady. It's not what you want, and you can't change his mind. Tell him you don't like casual dating relationships and move on.

If you find your man is talking to someone else and communication ineffective. Then he's not worth your time. Move on and find like-minded partners on serious dating sites.